Certified Natural Diamonds & Digital Assets to Diversify, Protect and Store Wealth

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Democratization of Diamonds as an Alternative Investment, through Innovation and Technology.



Core Values









Mission Statement


What we do ...

SILIQUA Diamond Capital offers diamonds as a new Alternative and Digital Asset Class. For every diamond a Digital Asset will be created (1:1 backed).

The Digital Assets can be traded, removing all 'red tape' for every transaction. 

Your certified diamonds are physically stored in the free zone in Geneva* (exempt from VAT) and digital accessible globally.

*All diamonds are fully insured, stored and transported by Brinks.


Natural diamonds are uncorrelated to any other asset, currency or legislation. They are highly transportable and guarantee privacy of ownership. With market uncertainty and political instability, investors seek a safe haven in tangible assets.


We have built a Platform to invest in natural diamonds, that uses (DLT) Private Permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology, creating an immutable chain of custody among all trusted partners. 

The owner can digitally request: delivery of his diamonds or offer them back to the market.

Our Clients

Diamonds are Exclusively offered to accredited investors: UHNWI's (Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals), Private Bankers, Wealth Managers and Family Offices.

Investors will be able to hedge, diversify, store and protect wealth in the most trusted framework.

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About Us


SILIQUA Diamond Capital AG - Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland

SILIQUA has been engineered from its  foundation to protect investors and to safeguard their access to the asset. Switzerland has been protecting private property rights for centuries.

SILIQUA´s physical presence, a Global Reach

SILIQUA offers the investors direct access to source natural diamonds at the heart of the industry, with physical access in: Antwerp, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, New York and Tel Aviv.  This will give investors an enormous advantage compared to any other OTC market offer.

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Natural Diamonds as an Alternative Investment - Digital Assets

The opportunity

Diversify, Store and Protect Wealth

Diamonds have historically proven to be more stable than gold, silver and other commodities*. These characteristics make them a perfect hedge against inflation.

* Source: The Global Diamond Report I Bain & Company 2017


Cutting out the Middlemen

SILIQUA provides investors with direct access to the leading diamond manufacturers of the world. This advantage results in the ability to purchase natural diamonds that normally go to Auction Houses or High-end jewellers at a fraction of their markups or commissions.


Timing of the Markets

SILIQUA combines and bridges different markets; the rising demand of Digital Assets and the Alternative Investment Market combined with the golbal diamond supply / demand gap.



The Offer

SILIQUA offers the most trusted Platform to source or sell certified natural polished diamonds.  The Platform includes the entire ecosystem, including verification, clearing, transportation, customs, insurance, storage and audit.

After verification, your diamonds are fully insured and stored in the free zone in Geneva, Switzerland - VAT exempt*, under BRINKS' custody.

Upon request, BRINKS can organize delivery** of the diamonds to the owner, within a window of 72 hours.

SILIQUA uses Private Permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology to create an immutable chain of custody among all the trusted partners. The diamonds are laser inscribed with the certificate number of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) linking the owner and the diamond through a Digital Asset. No digital asset has a closer tie to the collateral.

The Digital Asset, 1:1 backed with your diamond, can be traded without moving the diamond for every trade, thus removing all the 'red tape' and enabling liquidity.

Direct access and hard ownership of your diamonds

The diamonds are stored, segregated per client and linked directly to the owner. Even in the event of a bankruptcy, change of regulations or other events, the diamonds are your property. No claims can be made by creditors in case of the bankruptcy of the custodian or other service providers.

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Diamonds as Alternative Investments: Today's 'Old School' Present

Alternative Investments are one of the fastest-growing financial markets, with a current value of US$10 trillion. For decades, asset managers have been buying wine, classic cars and art as alternative investments.

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The “Pink Legacy”

18.96 Ct.

44,500,000 CHF

Source: Christies.com 2018

The “Pink Legacy”, a diamond weighing 18.96 carats, fetched 44,5 million Swiss francs, at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva, setting a world auction record. U.S.-based luxury jeweler Harry Winston purchased the rare gem.   Nov. 2018

Source: Christies.com

Screenshot 2019-11-27 20.32.39

Round D Flawless

51.71 Ct.

9,260,000 CHF 

Source: Sothebys 2018

51.71 Ct. D Flawless - GIA report no. 2185745311 sold at Sotheby's on 15 May, 2018.

9,260,000 CHF

7,870,000 — 9,100,000 CHF


The "AI" Vivid Blue

5 Ct.

HK$ 108,400,000

Source: Sothebys 2018

The "AI" 5 Ct. Vivid Blue

Sotheby's, Record-Breaking Results for Jewelry in 2018

A 5-carat fancy vivid blue diamond named “Ai” — the Chinese word for love, achieved HK$108.4 million in Hong Kong.  Oct. 2018

Source: Sothebys.com

"Today, auction houses are breaking record after record in diamond sales; however, there is a caveat: as a buyer you can be charged commissions up to 25% + local taxes and additional fees."

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Diamonds as Alternative Investments: A Digital Future

Picture 11

DLT - Technology

Projections show that US$ 24 trillion in Bankable Assets will be Digital by 2027

Source Finoa, October 2108

SILIQUA uses Private Permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology to create an immutable chain of custody among all the trusted partners. The diamonds are laser inscribed with the certificate number of GIA (Gemological Institute of America) linking the owner and the diamond through a Digital Asset. No digital asset has a closer tie to the collateral.

The Digital Asset, 1:1 backed with your diamond, can be traded without moving the diamond for every trade, thus removing all the 'red tape' and enabling liquidity.

SILIQUA Diamond Digital Asset Platform

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Product & Services


  • Investment Platform for Diamonds - Digital Assets
  • Creation of Diamond Digital Assets
  • 72H worldwide delivery* of your diamonds upon request, service provided by BRINKS
  • Viewing and Inspection Service

* Local TAX regulations may apply and are at the responsibility of the owner

** Some countries are exempt for delivery


  • Verification Services by DIAMDAX BRINKS
  • Diamonds are fully insured by BRINKS
  • Diamonds are stored in the free zone of Geneva under BRINKS’ custody
  • Independent Audits
  • Bankruptcy Remote Setup
  • Investors are protected under Swiss Law
  • Traceability - DLT


  • Removal of 'RED TAPE' in trading diamonds
  • Direct Access to purchase at Intrisic Market Values
  • Fully Transparent Pricing
  • Diamonds are VAT exempt** when held in the free zone of Geneva
  • Hedge and Diversify Investment Portfolios with an uncorrelated Asset
  • Rising Demand of Alternative and Digital Assets
  • Diamond Supply / Demand Gap

Service Providers


The world’s largest secure logistics company (NYSE: BCO). Its customers include financial institutions, government agencies, central banks, miners, refineries, mints, jewellers, diamantaires and other commercial operations.

All diamonds are securely stored and transported by Brinks.


Shipping, verification, insurance, storage, customs and all other red tape will be handled by Brinks (New York Stock Exchange: BCO), which is the largest cash management company used by government services, mints, banks and the diamond industry. Diamonds will be stored in the free zone in Geneva and exempt from value-added taxes (VAT).

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The unique setup of Swiss free ports allows one to store goods in transit, under customs’ control granting temporary postponement of VAT and customs duty payments and thereby improving cash flow. This kind of storage is not limited in time.

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Our Clients: Accredited Investors


Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals - UHNWI's

Purchasing diamonds without the exhuberant commissions that Auction Houses charge.

Most transportable Hard Asset, with the highest value per square inch.

Single / Multi Family Offices

Family Offices and Wealth Managers can offer their clients a Tangible Asset that is uncorrelated to any other commodity or currency.

Private Banks

Private Banks that are interested in meeting a growing demand for Alternative Assets and / or Digital Assets in the most secure framework.

Diversification of portfolio's to preserve and store wealth.

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Executive Team

Our team members have a proven track record and are linked with the operational partners to ensure peace of mind. It is essential to have experience and trust from all segments of the market you want to bridge. Technology alone is not sufficient, experienced team members and execution are. We have completed the entire ecosystem for a real-world business ranging from customs, insurance, storage, verification and audit.

Executive Management

Picture 1

Immanuel Van Poppel

Founder, SILIQUA

Managing Partner

Based in Antwerp, Belgium and Zug, Switzerland. A former diamond trader for one of the largest diamond manufacturers worldwide, with more than 20 years of experience at all levels of the industry.

A strong passion for innovation and technology. A proven track record in building and executing technology for the diamond industry.

A member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, currently Managing Partner of DIAMDAX / BRINKS and founder of SILIQUA Diamond Capital.


Dr. Martin Eisenring

Director, SILIQUA

Notary Public - Zug, Switzerland

Martin is an internationally oriented Attorney-at-law and Notary Public based in Zug and Zurich. He is specialised in corporate law, contract law, pension and foundation law and private equity.

Due to his vast experience and large network of professionals, he is able to assist and represent companies involved in the commodity and FinTech sector.

Martin has a broad expertise ensuring compliance with laws and regulations as well as managing risks related to digital assets.


Stefan Muehlheim

Chief Marketing Officer, SILIQUA

Runa Advisors, Zug - Switzerland
Former board member, Citigroup, Germany

Stefan has more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of finance. Senior advisor to Prestel & Partner since its founding in 2010, with access to a network of over 1,000 families worldwide to share experience, deals and networks for our clients.

From 2000 to 2009, he served as a member of the board for Citigroup in Germany, where he headed Equities, Fixed Income and Alternative Investments.

He attributes his success to his personality, ability to relate to people and listening skills. Stefan started his career at Deutsche Bank in 1984.

Service Providers & Advisors


Paibul Chanawatr

Senior Vice President, BRINKS


Chairman of the Board

A secure logistics leader with global experience in both business and technology. Based in London, UK, Paibul is passionate about bridging the gaps between business and innovative technology.

He currently works for Brinks Incorporated as Senior Vice President in charge of Enterprise Applications and the Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions. He is also Chairman of DIAMDAX / BRINKS, an online diamond exchange.


Dr. Johannes Schweifer

Lead Tech Advisor



Dr. Johannes Schweifer, Co-Johannes has more than 15 years of experience as a project manager and software architect for enterprises in the IT and financial sector.

He is also Founder and CEO of CoreLedger, which is building blockchain-based enterprise solutions that allow existing and new businesses to run on blockchain.

He holds a Master in Chemistry and a PhD in Distributed Computing and Theoretical Quantum Chemistry from the University of Vienna.

Daniel Haudenschild

Daniel Haudenschild

Advisor to the Board of SILIQUA



Daniel has been working in the international finance sector for the duration of his career. This includes over a decade at the Big Four advisory firm EY and on trading platforms in large financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Barclays Bank.

Daniel worked for over 10 years in London. He has been working with blockchain since 2014, when he joined EY Switzerland as a partner. For the past two years, he has been the CEO of Swisscom Blockchain AG, delivering services and solutions in blockchain and tokenisation.


Dr. Hans Kuhn

Digital Asset Legal Advisors GmbH, Zug

Former General Counsel/Head
Legal and Shared Services,
Swiss National Bank

Hans advises and represents banks and other financial institutions as well as fintechs on regulatory issues, including capital and liquidity regulation and bank insolvency laws.

Hans served as chief legal counsel for Swiss National Bank (SNB) and as head of SNB’s shared services group before joining private practice.Member of the Board of Directors of the listed industrial and consumer-goods group Orell Füssli Holding AG and the financial-services group StabFund Kommanditgesellschaft für kollektive Kapitalanlagen.

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What We Offer


  • Diamonds as hedge
  • Not a correlated Asset
  • Diversification of Investments
  • Rising Demand of Digital Assets
  • Supply / Demand Gap in Diamonds
  • Intrinsic Market Prices

Trusted Framework

  • Diamond Certificate Verification
  • Insurance
  • Independent Audits
  • Bankruptcy Remote Setup
  • Protected under Swiss Law
  • Traceability - DLT

Product & Services

  • Trading
  • Clearing
  • Transportation
  • Customs
  • Storage
  • 3rd Party Private Sales

Contact us

For any additional questions, comments and opinions, please use the contact form. We will be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that depending on your domicile and the legal conditions, we might not be able to serve you.

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